Softqloud at a Glance

Softqloud is an ICT solution (product and service) provider and since its establishment in Dusseldorf area in Germany, has become fully experienced in Server and Hosting business as well as software Testing and analyses, benefiting from direct and indirect experience of its managing team in this regard.

Softqloud is a IT service insights provider for businesses and end consumers and has an effective and deep relationship with huge and important providers in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Softqloud has awareness about alternatives and providers behind well-known brands and is a total solution provider not only for cloud services, but also for all further services including CDN, DNS, Server and storage and software analyses and Test.

Reliable Providers, Satisfied Customers

The company has very reliable providers and satisfied customers in the market and full awareness about the Servers and cloud services value chain and its requirements.


Softqloud GmbH is New established company as an Information Technology Solution Provider start-up in Düsseldorf area, Germany. The core activities of the company is concentrated on procurement of IT Solutions and requirements in the field of services and products, which has been explained in product and service page, to the market.

In line with the mentioned achieved improvements of the Softqloud business structure, which resulted in a considerable expansion of exports to global markets, Softqloud made the decision to further develop its business capabilities in the International market.

In addition to the supply of a wide range of activities in the Information, Communication Technology industry, Softqloud has optimized other supportive processes including financial, technical and project managerial services, and handling services to better serve customers and business partners.

Subsequent to the maturity of the company´s business core activities, adaptations were made to the organizational structure, human resources and administrative activities.

Today, Softqloud enjoys a dedicated and experienced team, along with its loyal and reliable customers and suppliers, which have led to its success in the sphere of its IT based business.

Products & Services

Server and Storage hardware

Softqloud Hardware make every infrastructure provider able to have best qualified Servers and storages for their Data centers and other Infrastructure projects and it is very useful when your project influenced so many users and provide you a high level of reliability as well.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Softqloud CDN comprises so many PoP sites in important locations all around the world to deliver online content to the users, from the closest geographical point at the highest speed and quality. Main services come from Europe, America and East Asia.

Cloud DNS

With Softqloud Cloud DNS you can manage your domain’s DNS faster, easier and for free! Powered by Anycast network in several important locations all around the world, Softqloud provides the fastest and the most stable naming resolution service, and fends off DDoS attacks

Cloud Server

With Softqloud  Cloud Computing infrastructure, you are just a few clicks away from creating unlimited cloud servers on demand. You can create several cloud storage disks for each server and easily manage your cloud data center communications using Firewall and private and public networks.

Software and IT Services

Softqloud software and IT Services Department provides a wide range of services to the Customers including, but not limited to software tests and analyses, Remote Network and cloud services, software as a service, Digital Advertising, software optimization, and relevant consultancies.

Contact and Support

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    Softqloud GmbH
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